SHILP is an initiative by Community Action Collab, in partnership with the MacArthur Foundation, to build the resilience of the leaders of Community Organisations (COs) who work with vulnerable communities. Under this initiative, we work with community organisations across the country which cater to diverse communities, including female and male sex workers, people living with HIV, farmers, artisans, and members of tribal communities.


Empowered indigenous people realize critical social, cultural and economic needs of their choice and thrive during the Covid pandemic and beyond


Resilient Indigenous People's Organizations continue to ascertain their rights through strengthened collective voice

Objectives of the program

  • Leaders

    Building hope and capacities among organization leaders and support development of work plans to effectively manage during steady state and turbulent times

  • Handshake

    Capacity building of organizations to identify and leverage opportunities and create plans to deliver critical services to members

  • Finance

    Financial support for critical human resources and organizational costs to continue operations

  • Peer Network

    Peer network and resource connect for mutual and long-term support; and curated knowledge resources for self development and program implementation